Biblical Theology Workshop: April 23-24th

Ladies of BPC:
Join us on April 23-24th for a Biblical Theology Workshop at Christ Covenant Church led by Nancy Guthrie.
Over three sessions, Nancy Guthrie will work through the basic makeup and storyline of the Bible. She’ll trace major themes that run from Genesis to Revelation and demonstrate how a better grasp of these themes that the divine Author has written into his book can help us to understand and apply it rightly.
Nancy’s goal is to help women see the beauty, sufficiency, and necessity of Jesus Christ in fresh ways through these various themes. Her desire is that women will leave the workshop loving him more and longing more for his return.
The event will take place Friday evening (7-8:30) and Saturday morning (9-12:30).
Here is a link to the page on Nancy’s website about the workshops around the country:
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